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Peridot gem project

(Piercing and photo by Keisha K.)

No matter how big or small the project is we got you covered. Whether you want 1 or several piercings we can hook you up! We have lots of gems and specialty parts to accessorize your piercing. We got Opals, Swarovski gems, Cabochons, and many other unique items to bling your piercing out.

Paramount Tattoo Studio LLC,

Founded: June 6th 2006

Owner: Nathan Mollahan

Certifications: State licensed tattoo artist since April 2004, State licensed Body Piercer since 2007, AAP Founder/CEO


Areas of expertise:  Freehand, Biomechanical, Japanese, Traditional, Realism.

Under Age 18 Piercing Requirements

At Paramount Tattoo we take body modifications very seriously and follow all state laws and regulations for the piercing of minors.

Your parent or guardian MUST PHYSICALLY be present in the shop with the minor child at ALL times during the piercing process. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FORMS OF WRITTEN CONSENT, OR NOTARIZED DOCUMENTS FOR PIERCING OF MINORS!

Consenting parents/ guardians must have one of the following.

Valid and current photo I.D., Passport, Drivers license, Military I.D., or other goverment issued photo I.D. with birth date and expiriation approved by the OHLA.


​(B) If the client is a minor written parental or legal guardian consent is required. The written parental or legal guardian consent must be submitted to the licensee by the parent or legal guardian prior to piercing the minor. The consenting parent or legal guardian must be 18 years of age and present government issued photographic identification at time of written consent. A copy of the government issued photographic identification must be included in the client record: or

​(C) If the client is an emancipated minor, copies of legal court documents proving emancipation and government issued photographic identification is required.


We DO NOT allow young children under 10 in the studio, lobby or premises for safety reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


9921 Se Stark St Portland Or 97216

Buy one piercing for $15 or 2 for $25!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND LOYAL CLIENTS FOR 10 YEARS OF SUPPORT AND BUSINESS!!! We will continue to have the best prices and best selection in the country moving into 2016! We are excited to add some new jewelry and options to our inventory so come check out what we have to offer in the new year! Prices and info under services tab!​ At Paramount Tattoo we have been committed to offering professional services at rock bottom prices for 10 years in Oregon. We are proud to be able to offer such great deals to our community as a result of all our fans and clients spreading the word like wild fire! PLEASE SHARE OUR PAGE ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES!!!!


Why we are different than other Body Piercing Shops!

Paramount Tattoo

Got Migraines and Chronic Headaches?

(Daith Piercing and Photograph by Keisha K.)

Lots of people are finding relief from their chronic headaches and migraines by getting a Daith (pronounced Doth) piercing. We have had many clients swear by it and it is gaining support from the medical field as well. Give it a shot buy one for $25 dollars get a second one free and that includes jewelry!

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil...

(Tattoo and photo by Nathan M.)

Rib cage tattoos are awesome! But not for everyone! Only trust a skilled professional with tattoos of this nature. Set up your consultation today!

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